things can change in a day

oh, bittersweet impermanence.

alice corinna
28 April
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I believe this:
"Perhaps it's true that things can change in a day. That a few dozen hours can affect the outcome of whole lifetimes. And that when they do, those few dozen hours, like the salvaged remains of a burned house---the charred clock, the singed photograph, the scorched furniture---must be resurrected from the ruins and examined. Preserved. Accounted for. Little events, ordinary things, smashed and reconstituted. Imbued with new meaning. Suddenly they become the bleached bones of a story." - Arundhati Roy


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IP Addresses since the 8th of May, 2007. Much love goes to Kath for introducing me to LJ. :)

I heart pictures.

1. This journal for the storage of remembrances. Every post, every word, every photo is a memento of things past. Things that I would like the web to keep for me because my memory is erratic and I want it to be catalogued like this.

I do not plug this journal. There can only be three reasons why people end up here: one, because they originally know about it; two, because they do not go out looking for it but have come astray from clicking too many random associations; or three, that they have been curious and they finally ended up here.

Sometimes, I take photos so I could write about them :) I practice amateur photography and take as many photos as I could during my free time and during travels.

Some posts in this journal are for friends only. Meaning, there are more posts than you can see. If you want to peer in a little more, message me. :)
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